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Finding An Auto Repair Shop Ė What To Look For

Auto repairs are unavoidable. From regular maintenance to major repairs, almost every car will end up in the shop sooner or later. Regardless of whether you need a simple oil change, or some serious body work, finding the right shop for the job is important.

In the case of major repairs, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable with your mechanic. Repairs to your car are about more than just how it looks Ė itís also about getting you back on the road, safely. Finding a quality auto body shop ensures the best work and the best service, no matter what.

Here are some things to look for when youíre trying to find the best repair shop:

Does The Shop Come Recommended?

auto body repair

The best place to start when youíre looking for a mechanic is on the internet! With reviews and crowd sourcing sites, itís easy to separate the good from the bad. Granted, some reviews on the internet can be written out of spite by disgruntled customers. But, you can usually tell the difference between a legitimate concern and a fantasy. Searching for auto repair in Collegeville PA will return results in your area. Look for lots of honest, positive reviews.

Do They Have The Certifications?

A good shop will have experienced mechanics or auto body specialists on staff. Just because someone is good at fixing one type of car doesnít mean they have experience with all makes and models. A shop that will proudly display certifications and awards will have the know-how you need. You wonít run into any issues with electronic systems or foreign makes. Remember, you donít have to be afraid to ask about their specialties!

How Is The Customer Service?

You can learn a lot about a business from a simple phone call. Once you find a mechanic that comes recommended, your first step will most likely be a phone call to their shop. Itís important to note how accommodating and friendly they are over the phone. Are they happy to answer your questions and get you an appointment? Or are they short and dismissive? In most cases, a first impression is all you need to judge their level of customer service.

Is The Shop Well-Kept?

You shouldnít expect a repair shop to be spotlessly clean. Repairing cars is a messy job. There is a difference between normal processes and cluttered chaos, though. Cars in their lots should be neatly arranged. Any areas where customers are serviced should be kept clean. If the repair shop is a disorganized mess, you can probably expect the same from the work.

repair estimate paperwork

Are They Up-Front With Information?

Finally, one of the most telling ways to finding a good auto repair shops is whether or not they are up-front with estimates and service guarantees. A shop thatís willing to provide you with a signed estimate of work is a good one. This tends to be a good show of faith from the repair shop, giving you a range with a low to high estimate. When you have this estimate, you wonít be surprised by any hidden costs. Youíll avoid the tacked-on costs bad repair shops can be notorious for.

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